Current state of affairs

Today several things in the news and on my mind.


Stock Market plunge


and the World’s Tallest Cow?

Seriously, didn’t even know that was a thing.

Let’s go to healthcare shall we? Currently I have huge issue with this as I will explain below.

So my wife’s grandmother is currently 81, and we are not quite sure she will make it to 82.

Why you ask? Well last week she had to go to the doctor because whenever she tried to eat or drink, everything would come right back up. So off to the doctor she went.

Odd how not being able to eat or drink leads one to seek the help of professionals.

The doctor did blood work. White blood cell count way up.

I know, shocking, right?

So they decide to do an ultrasound. Now, I am guessing that something other than, “She might be pregnant” led them to do this, I have no idea what that might be.

They found two “spots”. Quite frankly amazed at the term “spots” all that fucking money and time and Spots is what they use, damned ridiculous.

One is 8MM, approximately the size of a grape, and the other 4MM, or half a grape.

So wait, they use actual metric system shit for the size but say “spots”?? My father in law looked up the size and Google is who gave us the fruit reference.

Now the decision is, “Quick boy blunder to the hospital.”

They take forever to see her in the ER, yes that is evidently where you go when you have nothing prearranged.

Hmmmm, maybe that is a new business opportunity, agents for patients to speed the process. Envisioning some sort of Stock Exchange haberdashery in front of the hospital as rooms come open. Really need to look into that.

Sometime after 0300, 3 A.M. to the norms, she is left alone in a room after being poked and prodded and asked insane amount of silly questions.

The next day the doctor, which doctor you ask, not a fucking clue, performs and endoscopy. Nice fancy professional and impressive term, much better than “Spots”. No I won’t let that one go. Fucking “spots”.

During the procedure he finds a pill stuck down in there. Maybe that is why they did the ultrasound…. Inquiring minds….

And along with that little gem, he also found a mass of…..wait for it…..“something.”

AUGGHHHHHHHHHH. Something….something…. she is 81 for hell’s sake. Give her “a mass of unknown specificity”, not “sumthin”.

Fucking “Spots”!!!!!!

A BIOPSY was performed, taken, extracted?? And so the shittiest game of all time started. The Waiting Game.

At first they said the results would be available the next day, Sunday. Then it became Monday, then first of the week.

Oddly enough after the Endoscopy she was able to eat, well an all liquid diet, but still sustenance.

Monday roles around and what do they do with an 81 year old with a grape and half of “Spots” and “sumthin” down near her stomachal region?

Yup, stomachal, hell at least I am trying. Fucking “spots”.

Back to the other. They sent her home. I mean how obvious choice is that. “You are probably very sick, but hey we can’t do nothing for now so get out.”

And then Tuesday came.

And went

And the Wednesday came.

And went.

And now it is Thursday, late.

She has a nurse who is coming out and has told her, “Honey they told me 20 years ago I was supposed to be dead, so don’t worry about it.”

What is my point in all this?

Number 1: Somehow treat the patient a bit better. Compassion needs to be a class or 20.

Selection C: Learn how to communicate effectively with the patient. Do not keep moving dates for results all around.

Yes I know. The system is overtaxed, can’t have sick people laying round, and where else better for them than comfortable surroundings, etc etc.

Guess my main gripe is that things have become too clinical, there seems little to no soul left in the process of caring for the infirmed. The technology is off the charts. More data can be collected, analyzed and conclusions drawn, but from my experiences the patient gets lost in the process. They become a number, a statistic, a line on the chart.

Now for patients in the middle of the age spectrum, this is a bit more tolerable. But for the ones on either end I really think they need to be treated differently. Take a few more minutes with them, explain things with more depth, be accurate with dates and other information.

And while bedside manner cannot really be taught, some attempt should be made. If nothing else some sort of mentoring program.

There was one other thing. What was it?


Oh yeah.

DON’T USE THE TERM “SPOTS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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