Who helps who

While watching one of the shows we had DVR’d, something that I had seen countless times before finally struck me as odd. Well, maybe not odd but made me wonder if scenes like that cause people to set unrealistic expectations in their own lives.

The show dealt with a young person who had been horribly wronged, and in an effort to hide the guilt they felt the person used the practiced tactic of avoidance to dismiss the event. Of course, as expected, as time the internal conflict that resulted in this person overcame the walls the person had constructed to entomb the event.

This caused a breakdown to a friend who just so happened to be a high ranking law official. Unfortunately due to choices the victim took, their avenging angel couldn’t take action on the perpetrator. HOWEVER thanks to the magic of the keyboard tapping fingers television writers, the lawyer WAS able successfully make an example of the head of the post secondary (i.e. spensive college) school where this horrid event took place.

When the arrest warrant was delivered, in person by the lawyer, the dean was marched out in cuffs down the front steps of the school for all to see. Then, there in the crowd, was the victim. And in an exchange undetected by anyone else in the crowd, the offended and the justifier had their “thank you, my honor,” moment.

The one who had suffered so much now stood a bit taller, eyebrows lifted a bit, a faint smile of relief pulling the corners of the mouth up ever so slightly. The savior remains stoic standing tall playing off their efforts as they were just doing their job.

NOW, while I truly want nothing bad to happen to people, especially the four or five that will read this post, the whole scene did make me wonder what ideas it puts in people’s heads.

In my experience, the vast depth of which we won’t go into, when something horrid happens to you, don’t hesitate, don’t try and play it off, don’t wait for time to make it better, ACT. Take the steps to correct the injustice.

For those really angry people I should probably clarify that, the LEGAL steps to correct the injustice. This could also work out to ethical or moral steps if the offense is of a lesser nature.

The first person that is going to stand up for you is…… c’mon say it with me….is.     .       . YOU! And I feel I need to add that sadly a large percentage of the time you are the ONLY one that will stand up for you.

With the way the world is, one cannot wait for some mystic knight to ride forth and do thyne battle for thee. Hell, I don’t think that ever really happened. Sad truth.

Besides, most of us don’t have the connections to have a person in position of power who has the time and is willing to expend the effort and money to try and make our lives a little better. Most likely you will get someone who will just hand you off to the next link in an infinite chain.

Of course you may get lucky enough to get a person who** GASP** cares. Which will at first be exhilarating, but soon it will become evident this person is either overwhelmed or no one pays attention to them.

So, stand up for yourself. Don’t be a doormat, cause those end up with shit all over them, and it takes a long time to get that smell out.

Is this cynical? Maybe. Probably. But then that ol’ walk a mile in my crappy worn out, hole in the sole never gonna have a pair of thousand dollar, shoes comes to mind.

End point. Pick your own arse up, dust it off (unless it is evidence), make a plan of action (while adhering to local, moral, or ethical guidelines), and execute the damn thing to the best of your ability.

Oh, and if you are fortune enough to have an excellent support system, praise the ever loving hell out of them!!!!!

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