Looking for validation in this life is something that can consume one causing them to lose sight of what could be. Recently I realized that I have let that happen to myself. And when I say recently I mean like this week.

Going into the details of my revelation isn’t really pertinent as everyone is unique and therefore so is there life experience. That is kind of what makes our time here a bit interesting. Frustrating at time, but it can also bring extreme joy.


If you are feeling frustrated with a current situation and have been that way for some time, it might behoove you to take a step back and try and find out the real reason why. In my case I pinned a need to feel validated on something that has been a constant in my life since age 12. Work.

Not going down that rabbit hole as to why, no point really. The best thing to come out of it is too know that I can now move forward. The hope is that I can do the second half of life correctly.

Validation is something that can come from a lot of things. Some find it at work, some in religion, community service, perhaps even sitting on their couch saving the world from the digital characters of oppression.

To each their own.

For me? Well I have a wonderful wife who, Lord only knows why, fully accepts me and all that goes with that. She has supported me in everything I have done since we have been together.

And when I say all of it I mean;

World War II Reenacting (aka running around shooting blanks)

Airsoft (aka running round shooting plastic bb’s)

Rugby refereeing

Rugby Coaching

All of that is done (I think, truth be told I miss the running round shooting blanks and bb’s).

Now she is helping me find validation in something I have always to do. Entertain people.

I am doing this by creating stories, of all types. Romance (with a dash of the erotic here and there), Sci Fi, Historical stuff as well. Hell she edits the craziness that I spurt onto the page. Might should use a different word there, to hell with it.

Also this wonderful woman is letting me stretch my boundaries be being a huge megadork.

Opppssss. Spoiler Alert for anyone who didn’t know. I’m a Megadork. Don’t care what you, or you, or you on the couch getting pissed that a 9 year old keeps sniping you think. Truly don’t give a rat’s hairy left nut, or even his right one.

I’m a huge dork, geek, whatever. Who else would try and make a 7 foot tall costume out of exercise mats?

Digression train track one pulling back in to THE POINT? Station.

Find you validation. Be careful where you are seeking it from.  If you think you can’t, take a step back, it might be there beside you just out of your peripheral. Now if your validation comes in the form of something heinous and illegal, report to your nearest law enforcement official and they might be able to help you out.

Also, Thank honey, love ya!

Oh yeah, I also homebrew

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